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Core Hospitality Advisors

what we do

Appraisals and feasibility studies, exclusively for hotels. Specialization in a single property type allows us to better understand industry trends and dedicate more resources to collecting specific data, all intended to provide our clients with more reliable conclusions. 

how we do it

Our conclusions are developed utilizing a combination of thorough research, specialized experience, and the best available market data. Our reports address all of the relevant questions a reader might have before they have to ask them. 

who does it

We are real estate appraisers that consider ourselves in the hotel business and draw on experience in hotel operations, management, development, and appraising to provide a more well-rounded approach to each assignment.

what you get

Every report is informative, concise, and easy to read. We understand time contraints and deliver our reports on time. A successfully written report not only easily conveys our conclusions but also informs the reader about the relevant issues specific to the property and the market. 


Core Hospitality Advisors
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